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“Doctor Who” Season 8 Teaser Hints at the Return of Davros


Season 8 of “Doctor Who” is starting to look intense. (And so far we have only seen teasers!) A recently released trailer appears to be hinting at the return of familiar nemesis of the Doctor.

Could it be Davros?

We haven’t seen the found of the Dalek Empire in quite a while. In fact, the last time we  saw his gross face was in “The End of Time” when he went again the 10 Doctor.

The new teaser shows the Tardis once again exploding as it oft does and electricity pulsing through the 12th Doctor now played by Peter Capaldi. An unknown Dalek leader, claiming to be omnipotent says, “I see into your soul, Doctor. I see beauty, divinity, hatred.” CreEeeeEEppy.

Do you think it’s Davros? I think it is Davros. I hope it is Davros.

“Doctor Who” returns to BBC One and BBC America on August 23. You can watch the new trailer below!

Doctor Who Season 8 Reveals Teaser and Premiere Date!


BBC America has officially announced the premiere date for “Doctor Who” season 8. The feature-length episode, titled “Deep Breath” will air Saturday, August 23!

The episode will be the first episode for new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. So far we have only got to see him for a moment in the 50th anniversary special and then in the final minutes of the Christmas Special. This will be his first full episode as the Twelfth Doctor.

Jenna Coleman returns as the companion, Clara Oswald. Season 8 will also see new cast member Samual Anderson as Danny Pink, a teacher at Coal Hill School where Clara also works. Previously announced guest stars include Ben Miller, Keeley Hawes, and Tom Riley.

Along with the announcement of the premiere date, we also got a very cryptic teaser trailer. Check it out below!