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Games With Gold: May 2014

Games with Gold

The Games with Gold for May 2014 will be “Saint’s Row: The Third” and “Dust: An Elysian Tail.”

Starting May 1, Games With Gold will offer “Dust: An Elysian Tail” – normally $15 USD – for free through May 15.

Dust takes place in the fictional world of Falana, inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Gameplay is presented on a 2D side-scrolling main character, Dust, as he tries to remember his past. Dust wields a sentient sword, the Blade of Ahrah, as his main weapon. Fidget, the sword’s guardian, acts as a companion for Dust and can use magical attacks. As the player travels the world, they can acquire power-ups that permanently alter gameplay, such as the ability to double jump or climb to previously unreachable areas. Incorporating elements of role-playing games, Dust can gain experience points by defeating enemies, and in turn may level up.

On May 16, “Saint’s Row: The Third” – normally $20 USD – will be available for free through May 30. As in Saints Row 2, the player controls the leader of the Third Street Saints. The game world is the fictional city of Steelport, and the story focuses on the urban gang war between the Saints and the three gangs. As the gang war intensifies, STAG (Special Tactical Anti-Gang), an elite paramilitary police force led by Commander Cyrus Temple is deployed to Steelport in an attempt to disrupt the violence

The Games With Gold program offers two free Xbox 360 games, on the 1st and 16th of each month, to Gold members; you can keep the game forever as long as you buy them within the established time period. Games With Gold is currently only available for Xbox 360 users, but the program is expected to come to Xbox One later in 2014.

Games With Gold March 2014: Civilization Revolution, Dungeon Defenders

Games with Gold

A new month brings new free games with the Games With Gold promotion on Xbox Live. This March the games are “Civilization Revolution” and “Dungeon Defenders.”

From March 1st to March 15, “Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution” will go from $30 to free. Even though the game was released way back in 2008, it earned a 8.8 in IGN’s review when it released.

Starting on March 16, “Dungeon Defenders” will drop from $14.99 and remain free through the end of March. “Dungeon Defenders” launched in 2011 for the Xbox Live Arcade, and it’s an incredibly addictive multiplayer tower defense action game. It scored 8.5 in IGN’s review.

Keep in mind that only Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox 360 will be able to download these games. If the games are downloaded during the two-week free periods, players can keep and play them forever, whether they remain Gold members or not. Xbox One owners will get the Games With Gold promotion sometime before 2014 ends.

Games With Gold: February 2014

Games with Gold

With the start of the new month, Microsoft has announced the Games with Gold for February. This month the two titles are “Dead Island” and “Toy Soldiers.”

“Dead Island” will be available from February 1st to 15th.

Dead Island is a R.P.G that focuses solely around zombies. You have a choice.of four characters, two male and two female, who have become trapped on an island were a zombie outbreak has occurred.  Now, if you are looking for a game to play with three other friends, then Dead Island may just be the game for you to have a good time with your friends, but just a friendly warning, the game can feel like it is going on and on if you are doing it by yourself. Once playthrough of the game will probably be enough for the average gamer, but will still provide you with a great story.

“Toy Soldiers” is an arcade game that will be available from February 16 to 28th. It takes place during World War 2.

Games With Gold January 2014: Sleeping Dogs and Lara Croft: Guardian of Light


Games with Gold

The first free games of 2014 with Microsoft’s Games With Gold are “Sleeping Dogs” and “Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.” Per usual “Sleeping Dogs” will be available from January 1-15 while “Lara Croft” will be from January 16-31.

“Sleeping Dogs” is typically sold for $19.99 and was released in August 2012.

“Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light” is an XBLA game that is typically priced at $14.99.

As in the past, these games are free for the period they are available to all Xbox Live Gold members, who can download them and keep them forever, regardless of their subscription status.

The free games offered through Games With Gold are currently only Xbox 360 titles, although Microsoft has announced it will bring the program to Xbox One.

Games With Gold December 2013: Gears of War, Shoot Many Robots


Games With Gold For December 2013 has been announced for Xbox Live Gold owners. “Gears of War” and “Shoot Many Robots” will be the next two titles offered for free to members.

Epic’s brutal third-person shooter, “Gears of War” will be available from December 1-15. “Shoot Many Robots” will be available from December 16 through the end of the month. These games normally cost $20 and $10 to download, respectively.

The Games with Gold program, which began earlier this year, offers two free games to keep every month for Xbox Live Gold members. Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced earlier this month that Games with Gold is coming to the newly released Xbox One.

Games with Gold Program Will Remain Ongoing for Xbox 360


“Games With Gold,” the Xbox Live program that gives Live players a new free game twice a month will remain longer than initially believed. The program will remain an “ongoing benefit” for Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox 360.

This move is likely to combat the Playstation Plus program of a similar nature.

You can see the whole press release below:

Games with Gold: Now an Ongoing Benefit for Xbox Live Gold Members on Xbox 360!

Friday, Oct. 18, 12:01 a.m. PDT

By: Xbox Wire Staff

At E3 2013, we launched Games with Gold as a limited-time program to thank our Xbox Live Gold members. Within that short period of time, we’ve seen an overwhelming response, with more than 120 million hours played with Games with Gold titles. Today, as a part of the “Week of Xbox Live,” we’re excited to announce that we are making Games with Gold an ongoing benefit for Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox 360.

Whether they are blockbuster AAA or popular arcade titles, Games with Gold continues to offer a diverse mix of games with two free Xbox 360 titles a month – yours to keep and at no additional cost. According to recent surveys, 97 percent of participating members have given their stamp of approval for Games with Gold, and we’re excited to continue bringing you great games every month as part of our ongoing commitment to providing great value on Xbox 360.

Games with Gold: “Might & Magic Clash of Heroes” and “Halo 3” Free in October

5d8d3e48-cf9d-4e9e-85a0-484615d19bf0If you are a gold member on Xbox Live, every month two games are free for download. This October, the set of free games for includes “Might & Magic Clash of Heroes” and “Halo 3.” Starting Tuesday (October 1st) “Might & Magic Clash of Heroes” (Normally US $14.99) will be free for Xbox LIVE Gold members through October 15th. Beginning on October 16th, “Halo 3” will be free for Xbox Live Gold Members (Normally US $14.99).

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