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Games With Gold: May 2014

Games with Gold

The Games with Gold for May 2014 will be “Saint’s Row: The Third” and “Dust: An Elysian Tail.”

Starting May 1, Games With Gold will offer “Dust: An Elysian Tail” – normally $15 USD – for free through May 15.

Dust takes place in the fictional world of Falana, inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Gameplay is presented on a 2D side-scrolling main character, Dust, as he tries to remember his past. Dust wields a sentient sword, the Blade of Ahrah, as his main weapon. Fidget, the sword’s guardian, acts as a companion for Dust and can use magical attacks. As the player travels the world, they can acquire power-ups that permanently alter gameplay, such as the ability to double jump or climb to previously unreachable areas. Incorporating elements of role-playing games, Dust can gain experience points by defeating enemies, and in turn may level up.

On May 16, “Saint’s Row: The Third” – normally $20 USD – will be available for free through May 30. As in Saints Row 2, the player controls the leader of the Third Street Saints. The game world is the fictional city of Steelport, and the story focuses on the urban gang war between the Saints and the three gangs. As the gang war intensifies, STAG (Special Tactical Anti-Gang), an elite paramilitary police force led by Commander Cyrus Temple is deployed to Steelport in an attempt to disrupt the violence

The Games With Gold program offers two free Xbox 360 games, on the 1st and 16th of each month, to Gold members; you can keep the game forever as long as you buy them within the established time period. Games With Gold is currently only available for Xbox 360 users, but the program is expected to come to Xbox One later in 2014.

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