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Fate: The Winx Saga Confirmed For Second Season- TALKBACK

Following the release of Netflix adaption of the Italian animated series Winx Club, many have found themselves musing the potential- or even lack there of- for the series to continue and be renewed. Despite having received overwhelming negative to at best lukewarm reviews from critics across the web and having fan backlash. Fate managed to secure itself globally as the number one series on the streaming platform for well over a week following it’s release.

As conflicting as all that is, with the knowledge that the second season scripted had been penned prior to the series arrival it seemed like there was likely to be a continuation of this story. Confirmation of such came from the series’s official Instagram account.


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Not only did the post confirm the second season. But also that filming would once more take place back in Ireland sometime this year, for a season release seemingly to come in 2022 depending on when they can start production.

Even more noteworthy than that it clearly states that this time the series order has been bumped up to eight episodes. With any luck this will hopefully mean we will improved pacing.

But even more than that the second image already sets up what has been loosely teased in interviews prior- the introduction of Flora.

Clearly there is quite a bit to talk about, so we decided to talkback. If you follow us over at BSCKids then you likely know well about the talkbacks Damon and I often do. And when you have differing thoughts it’s always fun to see how both sides view things!





Following the heart breaking reality that DuckTales is ending we get news on another reboot. Yet if I am tearing up it is not for anything involving passion.

Fate, the series that both managed to globally dominate Netflix and get nothing but negative backlash from fans and reviewers has been announced for another season.

Proof that life is not fair. Or Netflix is creatively dead?


I might be one of the only ones that enjoyed Fate: The Winx Saga at least from the people I know, but it was really good. Now here is the thing, I have no Winx background so to me this felt like another take on a Harry Potter like world. You know some of these shows, once you get past the fact it might not follow Winx exactly or imagine the characters like you wanted is not a bad show at all.

This show has it all for me… teenage drama, magic and a bit of mystery to who is really the bad person here and who is not. The Burned Ones were well done and looking forward to learning more about them and how they play into the mystery here. Fate: The Winx Saga is epic fantasy in television form and done in a way that I found pretty darn enjoyable.


As you can see, we do tend to view things differently. And that is a good thing. Some people like Fate and there is nothing wrong with that. And then there are people like me who want to burn it will fire.

Considering I have talked a lot about the series I will spare any recapping of my stance.

But here is the thing: it was been said that it feels like Winx was a name slapped on the project. So will more elements from the original come to fruition?


Now that is interesting… what would you hope gets included in season two that stays true to Winx?  Yes That is my view totally a epic fantasy show , does it have to have Winx on it, I don’t think that makes any difference to me.

What other character would you like to see in Season 2 that we didn’t see in the first season?

For us un-initiated, are there any cool magic items or weapons we could look forward to?


That stays true? The story/legend of Domino and the Dragon Flame. And establishing Valtor as the endgame villain.

See that is where I feel differently. I would not be as frustrated or even drawn into this is it was another non attached Winx series. Could just write it off as another YA fantasy series.
They have been teasing and talking about Flora. So I do look for her. Almost kind of hope/expect Dafne in some light to play into the plot. But mostly expecting Valtor. But in reality they really need to get these characters they already have together and give them arcs and develop them before anything else.
The specialist have a large range of them and Tecna was also responsible for some. So there are weapons. As for magic the only thing bar transformations would be the Water Stars and more into the Dragon Flame.
Switch gears. There has to be something you disliked?


After rewatching it I believe her and Terra are the best characters in this. I really want to see a solid arc for Terra and seeing how Flora is coming she needs to stand out as her own and not be the Flora stand in when we have her cousin coming.

I also want to see something come off Aisha ratting on the girls. The fallout and consequences that sometimes come from doing what you think is right.

Now plot wise what are you hoping for?


Oh boy plot wise… I am hoping this becomes more about saving the world than just saving Bloom if that makes sense. I want there to be gray areas for development in terms of characters, I don’t want everything to just work out for all of the characters. Let his be something that will affect not just the magic world but also our world as well.


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