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The Gills: Listen to Live or Online – Just Listen to Them


Photo courtesy of The Gills Facebook Page

Nashville is a city flush with musical talent and one of those local bands happens to be The Gills.

Originally the band may be from Pensacola, Florida but they have made Nashville their home over the last several years and our city has welcomed them.

A lot of bands feel their music but not every band can make the audience feel it too but The Gills accomplish that within the first song. Two songs in and the crowd is dancing, moving, and reacting to every lyric and every chorus. The Gills are extremely talented as evident from the moment they began their first set.

The quartet switch effortlessly from one song to the next, packing in the most musical enjoyment as possible into the time allotted.

Their sound is very unique and immediately grabs your attention. They stuck out from the other band proceeding them and surpassed other bands I’ve heard dozens of times before. The music is full of energy, full of drive. You can’t help but feel it in every bone. The lead singer pulls all the parts together with his dynamic voice but he isn’t the only heart. Every player provides depth that the band would be missing otherwise.

The Gills are a rare live show that sounds just as good as their recorded pieces. A group that you could see again and again without it ever being boring or have it feel like a repeat. Whether you listen to them live or listen to them online – just listen to them.

The Gills are currently working their self-titled album which is scheduled to be released in 2016.

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