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Adventure Time Season 5 Doesn’t Disappoint – Review

adventure time season 5

The Blu-Ray and DVD release of “Adventure Time” season 5 has officially debuted and once again it doesn’t let viewers down! The fifth season collection includes all 52 episodes in a custom slipcase featuring everyone’s favorite magical dog Jake, adding to the collectible custom die-cut slipcases from the previous season releases.

I can confidently say that “Adventure Time” has not hit a downslide yet. Every season continues to hold up the insanely witty and clever writing and iconic silliness that the fans love. Season 5 is no different.

Noticeably in season 5, the writers have begun to branch out from the “two different stories per episode” format. A few times through out the season they wrote episodes so they linked up into a more of “monster of the week” format. I personally loved this and found it much more interesting than the regular format and more engaging. (However, I am an adult and maybe their younger audience prefers the quick and to the point stories.)

Season 5 also saw a lot of time spent outside of the homeworld oh which we have spent so much time. Many of the episodes took place in parallel worlds or dimensions allowing the storylines to get even crazier, zanier, and exciting. I have to point out that some of the best episodes of the season where the ones that took place outside of Ooo and in another land/dimension/universe such the pillow-world of “Puhoy” or the fan-fiction world of Fionna and Cake in “Bad Little Boy,” and especially the episodes “Simon & Marcy” and “The Vault.”

Over all, “Adventure Time” season 5 continues to ooze whimsy all over the place. You can’t go wrong with adding this Jake the Dog stylized season to your home DVD or Blu-Ray collection.

Episode List:

  1. Finn the Human
  2. Jake the Dog
  3. Five More Short Graybles
  4. Up a Tree
  5. All the Little People
  6. Jake the Dad
  7. Davey
  8. Mystery Dungeon
  9. All Your Fault
  10. Little Dude
  11. Bad Little Boy
  12. Vault of Bones
  13. The Great Bird Man
  14. Simon and Marcy
  15. A Glitch Is a Glitch
  16. Puhoy
  17. BMO Lost
  18. Princess Potluck
  19. James Baxter the Horse
  20. Shh!
  21. The Suitor
  22. The Party’s Over, Isla de Señorita
  23. One Last Job
  24. Another Five More Short Graybles
  25. Candy Streets
  26. Wizards Only, Fools
  27. Jake Suit
  28. Be More
  29. Sky Witch
  30. Frost & Fire
  31. Too Old
  32. Earth & Water
  33. Time Sandwich
  34. The Vault
  35. Love Games
  36. Dungeon Train
  37. The Box Prince
  38. Red Starved
  39. We Fixed a Truck
  40. Play Date
  41. The Pit
  42. James
  43. Root Beer Guy
  44. Apple Wedding
  45. Blade of Grass
  46. Rattleballs
  47. The Red Throne
  48. Betty
  49. Bad Timing
  50. Lemonhope (1)
  51. Lemonhope (2)
  52. Billy’s Bucket List

*Special Feature:

  • Exclusive Behind the Scenes Featurette

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