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AMC’s Better Call Saul Renewed for Season 3


Not that this is very surprising, but the Breaking Bad spin-off that earned seven Emmy nominations last year has been renewed for a third season. “Better Call Saul” continues to be a fan favorite as well as a critical hit.

AMC has opted to give the series another 10 episodes, which will air sometime in 2017. Even better, the current showrunners and series creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are set to remain at the helm for the new season.



AMC president Charlie Collier released a statement to the press in which he praised the success of “Better Call Saul.” He attributed its ability to harness the iconic power of its predecessor as a major source of its success.

“What Vince, Peter, Bob and the entire team have accomplished with Better Call Saul is truly rare and remarkable,” said Collier. “They have taken one of the most iconic, immersive and fan-obsessive (in the best possible way) shows in television history and created a prequel that stands on its own. Watching Jimmy McGill’s thoughtful, melodic and morally flexible transformation into Saul Goodman is entertaining and delighting millions of fans, whether their starting point was Breaking Bad or not.”

The series is currently averaging 4.4 million viewers during its second season. The prequel follows Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), a lawyer who evolves into Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman.

Better Call Saul Trailer Shows Goodman’s Beginning


The premiere of “Better Call Saul” is almost here and while we patiently wait, AMC has released yet another trailer! The “Breaking Bad” spinoff is pre-Walter White but it also shows us how Saul became the criminal-lawyer.

Before he met up with Walter and was defending criminals, Saul was actually Jimmy McGill, a hot-tempered man who ultimately takes on the Saul Goodman name and rises to underground notoriety as a crooked and clever lawyer.

Better Call Saul will have a two-night series premiere on Feb. 8 and 9 at 10p.m. on AMC. Check out the new clip below:

Better Call Saul Poster Released


AMC has finally revealed the artwork for the upcoming series, “Better Call Saul” The poster is above. The series stars Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks.

“Better Call Saul” is a spinoff of the popular series, “Breaking Bad.” It tells the story of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) and his transformation into Walter White’s Lawyer, Saul Goodman. The series also stars Banks (as Mike Ehrmantraut), Michael McKean (as Jimmy’s brother, Chuck), and “Far Cry 3’s” Michael Mando.

The series will premiere over two nights beginning Sunday, February 8 at 10/9c on AMC, before moving to its regular timeslot on Mondays the next night, on February 9th.

Better Call Saul Releases New Teaser and Premiere Date

Bob-Odenkirk-as-Saul-in-Breaking-BadAMC announced earlier this week that the highly anticipated “Breaking Bad” spinoff series, “Better Call Saul” will premiere Sunday, February 8 while the second episode will air the following night on February 9.

“Better Call Saul” is set six years before Saul Goodman meets Walter White.  When we meet him, the man who will become Saul Goodman is known as Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer searching for his destiny and hustling to make ends meet.  Working alongside and often against Jimmy is “fixer” Mike Erhmantraut, a beloved character first introduced in “Breaking Bad.” The series will track Jimmy’s transformation into a man who puts the criminal in “criminal lawyer.”

Bob Odenkirk reprises his role as lawyer Saul Goodman along with BB alum Jonathan Banks who also reprises his role as Mike Ehrmantraut. The cast also includes Michael McKean as Chuck McGill, Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler, Patrick Fabian as Howard Hamlin and Michael Mando as Nacho Varga – characters who are said to represent both legitimate and illegitimate sides of the law.

Vince Gilligan, the creator of BB, directed the first episode of “Better Call Saul.” The first season will consist of 10 episodes and air Sundays at 10 P.M. The series has already been renewed for second season of 13 episodes by AMC.

You can watch the new trailer below:

“Better Call Saul” Gets Second Season But Pushes Premiere to 2015


“Better Call Saul,” the “Breaking Bad” spinoff may not have even aired yet but it has already been renewed for a second season. The news was announced by AMC meaning we now officially get at least 23 episodes of the show.

Now for the bad news. “Better Call Saul” was initially supposed to premiere the first season in November but has now been pushed back to early 2015. This also pushes back season 2 until early 2016.

“Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan serves as director on the series premiere then as co-showrunner with Peter Gould on the rest of the series.

“Production on Better Call Saul is underway, and we could not be more proud of nor more excited about the work to date. We join the fans in eager anticipation for this series, and today we happily confirm that our initial Saul order is for two seasons and a total of 23 episodes,” said AMC president Charlie Collier. “When introducing any series, especially one with the DNA of Breaking Bad, there are countless factors to consider in making sure the show gets the launch it deserves. We have a strong history with Vince, Peter, Bob, the studio and so many involved with this production; we are enjoying the process on Saul and all share a focus on making it a true television event. No half measures.”

Netflix Announces Date for Final Season of “The Killing”


We FINALLY have a premiere date for the final season of “The Killing.” Netflix has announced that the drama series will return on the streaming service on August 1.

“The Killing” was originally a series on AMC until it was cancelled (twice.) Last year after what fans thought was the final season, Netflix chose to resurrect the series for a fourth season to tie up the story and give closure to the intense series.

The series is set in Seattle, Washington and follows the various murder investigations by homicide detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder. The first two seasons featured an overarching storyline of the murder of a young girl while the third season a year after the case when Holder uncovers a string of murders connected to the previous cases.


AMC originally canceled the TV show, starring Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, after Season 2, with viewership dropping toward the end of a strong initial season because fans were frustrated with where the murder-mystery plot did — and didn’t — go. While many thought Season 3 of The Killing was creatively better and more intriguing, the numbers still didn’t hold up for AMC to continue the series, and so entered Netflix.

Like other Netflix shows, it appears all-new episodes for the entire season will drop at the same time this summer. The series creator/executive producer Veena Sud also will return for Season 4 with Enos and Kinnaman.

Mad Men Cast Talk Season 6 and The Upcoming Season 7

mad-men-poster season 7

As “Mad Men” enters its seventh and final season, we are all pretty anxious to see where our beloved characters will end up. A few weeks ago several cast members hosted a panel at PaleyFest and gave us a bit on insight on what we can expect from the finale season and how the cast feels about their characters.

While many may argue that Mr. Don Draper hit his rock bottom in season 4- 5, Jon Hamm argues that it actually occurred during season 6.

“The one constant that has always been there for Don is the work, and work has always been something he could go back to,” said Hamm. “At the end of season six, not only is his marriage in trouble, his relationship with his kids is tricky at best, and now work isn’t there. … Don is a survivor. He rises to the challenge.”

Vincent Kartheiser adds quietly accurately,

“Season one, everyone wanted to be Don Draper, and slowly fewer and fewer people do,” he said. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

Hamm says he feels that the scene in season 6 where his daughter catches him in the act with his neighbor as his neighbor as one of the worst moments for the character. But what does this mean for Draper in season 7? Hamm seems upbeat about the character while remaining cryptic about how it will end.

“I think some of us know where our characters will be,” he said. “I don’t think any of us know what the scope or tone of the whole will be.”

Elisabeth Moss also had some insight about the destiny of Peggy Olsen.

“Her battle all along has been, ‘Should she be Don? Should she be Joan? Should she be someone’s wife or mother?’ She’s finally figuring out that her role is as a woman, as who [she is], as Peggy. I don’t think she’s necessarily figured it out, but i think she’s maybe starting to ask the right questions.”

One of fans favorite pairings is Joan, played by Christina Hendricks, and Peggy. When the two are on-screen together it is an interesting relationship that doesn’t belong in one category because despite their differences in jobs and life, they are in the end equals and friends. Moss explains the Joan/Peggy friendship saying,

“They’re these two planets orbiting around the office, and they collide for these big events,” said Moss. “I think they’ve come to terms on this kind of equal ground. Matt always says that they’re never going to be Laverne and Shirley. It’s a different relationship, but it’s a strong and interesting one.’

Season 7  will have 14 episodes that will be split into two 7-episode parts, airing in spring 2014 and 2015, respectively. You can watch the season 7 trailer below:

Xbox Entertainment Developing Unscripted Video Content


Xbox Entertainment Studios is not holding anything back as they attempt to break into the online video world. The company has hired former AMC programming director Ari Mark to oversee the creation of unscripted video content for Microsoft.

Xbox Entertainment Studios announced that it will launch an Xbox-exclusive documentary series this year through its multiplatform media company Lightbox. The first film in the series will document a planned excavation of a New Mexico landfill thought to contain unsold Atari cartridges and hardware buried in the aftermath of the video game industry crash of 1983.

Mark is most known for his work at AMC developing the network-original reality television showsThe Pitch and Small Town Security. Mark also assisted in the creation of AMC’s The Walking Dead – focused talk show Talking Dead, along with Comic Book Men, a reality show set in director Kevin Smith’s comic shop in New Jersey.

AMC Announces Premiere Dates for 2014


We can all sigh with relief as AMC has officially announced the premiere dates for “Mad Men” and “Better Call Saul.” Unfortunately, “Mad Men” is heading into its final season but at least we have the series premiere of the “Breaking Bad” spinoff to keep us whole.

“Mad Men” will premiere the first half of their final season on Sunday, April 13. “Better Call Saul” focuses on the evolution of the popular Saul Goodman character before he became Walter White’s lawyer. Unfortunately the official date for the series has not been confirmed.

The upcoming spy thriller, “Turn” will premiere on Sunday 6. It follows the untold story of America’s first spy ring during the Revolutionary War

In June, AMC will premiere of “Halt and Catch Fire,” which captures the rise of the PC era in the early 1980s, during which an unlikely trio – a visionary, an engineer and a prodigy – take staggering personal and professional risks in the race to build a computer that will change the world. Later in the summer will bring the season four roll-out of the AMC western “Hell on Wheels,” which grew to an average audience of 3.3 million viewers in its move to Saturday nights in 2013.

On the unscripted side, “Game of Arms,” will premiere on Tuesday, February 25 at 10PM, followed by May launches of the third season of “Small Town Security” and second season of “Freakshow.” The network also announced the season five pick-up of “The Talking Dead.”

“We are extremely excited about the 2014 line-up,” said Charlie Collier, AMC’s President and General Manager. “Both the returning and new series reflect our commitment to serving passionate audiences with compelling, character-driven story-telling.”

“The Walking Dead” will return for season 5 in October. The second half of season four of “The Walking Dead” on Sunday, February 9 at 9PM.

Premiere dates for “Halt and Catch Fire,” season four of “Hell on Wheels,” season five of “The Walking Dead,” and “Better Call Saul” will be announced at a later date.

AMC Orders Pilots for “Knifeman” and “Galyntine”


AMC is continuing their history of excellent television series with two new ordered pilots for “Knifeman” and “Galyntine.” Both shows will be produced by AMC Studios in 2014 for consideration for series for 2015.

“Knifeman” will be set in 18th century London, focusing on the untold story of a charming, arrogant, decorum-breaking genius who challenges societal norms to transform his visions into cutting-edge discoveries. A surgeon or “barber” in a time when blood-letting and praying was the norm, John Tattersal is a hard-drinking, hard living man not afraid to push the boundaries of modern medicine, even if it takes digging up a few graves to do it. While he makes his living running an unlicensed operating theatre out of his residence, he picks up extra cash harvesting organs for his brother Julian, favorite son and prized physician of the St. Stephen’s teaching hospital. Knifeman is a fast paced, entertaining romp filled with emotion, tackling dark themes with a biting wit.

The pilot was written by Rolin Jones (“United States of Tara,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Weeds,” “Low Winter Sun”) and developed by Jones and Ron Fitzgerald (“Last Resort,” “Prime Suspect,” “United States of Tara,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Weeds”), both of whom will serve as executive producers. Media Rights Capital (“House of Cards”), Josh Donnen and Robert Zotnowski are also executive producers.

“Knifeman” is inspired by the biography of John Hunter by Wendy Moore, “The Knife Man: Blood, Body Snatching and the Birth of Modern Surgery.”

“Galyntine” is a wholly original vision rooted in a both fantasy/action adventure and science-fiction. The pilot takes place at a time after a cataclysmic technology-induced disaster has resulted in a new society that has eschewed any form of technology. This catastrophic event leaves small numbers of survivors scattered around the planet and forced to adapt to isolation and unique challenges. “Galyntine” will explore a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity has evolved – with some strange detours. “Galyntine” is a man’s journey of discovery through a changed world and its mysterious people.

The project is written by Jason Cahill (“Halt and Catch Fire,” “Fringe,” “Surface,” “Profiler”) and executive produced by Cahill and Greg Nicotero (“The Walking Dead,” This is the End, Oz The Great and Powerful, Transformers). David Zucker and Ridley Scott will also executive produce through Scott Free’s (“The Good Wife,” “Numb3rs”) first-look deal with AMC.

Joel Stillerman, AMC’s executive vice president of programming, production and digital content, said,

“These are both highly original and ambitious pilots that take us into worlds that we haven’t seen on TV before. The bawdiness and fun of ‘Knifeman’ and London in the mid-18th century; and the completely unique take on a post-apocalyptic world in ‘Galyntine’ are right in AMC’s wheelhouse of making television that is both unexpected and unconventional. They’re both driven by creative and production teams that we know are capable of delivering ground-breaking television.”