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The Macintosh Neue is Cute, Slightly Retro and I Pretty Much Want It


In the desire to make computer more sleek, this Macintosh Neue is kind of that while being adorably retro in style. I don’t know much about the computing power of this machine or what it could handle in terms of gaming, graphic design and such but I do know it would look great on my desk. And I would buy it in SO FAST.

Please become a reality quickly.

You can watch the video about the product below:

neue2 neue1

“Silence: The Whispered World 2” Hitting PC and Mac in 2014


silence-the-whispered-world-2Daedalic Entertainment has officially announced today that “Silence: The Whispered World 2” will arrive on PC and Mac in late 2014. The game is the sequel to the 2010 adventure game that captivated audiences with its unique story and gorgeous setting.

According to the press release, the sequel “takes players on a journey back to Silence, the enchanting fantasy world made of dreams. Joining young Noah on a quest to find his little sister Renie, lost to him in the perilous real world, players will be taken on an emotional and spellbinding adventure to discover the mysteries surrounding the siblings and the breathtaking dreamscapes of Silence.”

Daedalic has said that several “familiar faces” will return in the sequel along with “a host of new features.” The developer didn’t mention any specifics, though the adventure game will likely adopt similar point-and-click mechanics as those used in the first game.

You can see the official trailer below: