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Starkiss – Dairy Queen – Red, White, and Blue – Stars and Stripes

Dairy Queen Starkiss Vegan

The elusive Dairy Queen Red, White, and Blue Stars and Stripes Starkiss frozen confection. Well maybe not all that elusive as it seems the Food Network show Unwrapped showcased them recently, to which my mother replied “Wouldn’t they make a good dessert for the 4th of July?”. Well I guess they would, too bad all of the Dairy Queen’s are over 20 minutes away from us. She would not be deterred though and we made the trip yesterday to a Dairy Queen freezer for the limited time treats. See, it seems that you can not buy these anywhere else and at the prices they charge I can see why. As of 2009 4th of July Holiday they at $7.50 for a box of 6, which I guess is not the worst considering what you can pay for stuff at the ice-cream truck. It seems they do have the regular flavors all year round as well so no real worries on finding the Starkiss if you have a DQ out your way.

The vegan community finds these a real big deal as the PETA blog has given these little tasty treats the thumbs up. What I did notice on the wrapper of the limited edition Stars and Stripes version is that is says it may contain trace amount of milk protein. From what some Dairy Queen people are saying, the only reason it says that is that it is made in the same factory as some of the other Dairy Queen products, which is why they have to put that disclaimer on the wrapper. Either way this is not going to really concern most of the people consuming the product, but anytime you can make those vegans happy I guess it is a plus.

Let us talk about the actual product now . . . it is a three colored bar on a stick that is made to taste like cherry, watermelon, and blue-raspberry. You can see from the picture it is in the shape of a star, which gives this fun treat the name of Starkiss. The flavoring of the three colored variety is ok, with the cherry portion being my favorite, watermelon second and blue-raspberry bringing up the rear. I think in a treat like this, more natural tasting flavors would have been better to compliment the cherry, but none of the flavors was bad. I was surprised since I did not look at the box before I took a bite, that the white color was not lemon though. Watermelon and Blue-raspberry do make me think of summer, so that vibe of the treat is covered regardless. Really though the texture is why this treat is such a winner, it gives you a very good impression of ice-cream because it is creamy without having milk and rich without going overboard. It is also pretty low in calories so dare I say it could be used as a treat while on a diet? That is where the rich part of the Starkiss does well in satisfying a craving. I am going to go on some second hand information here as I did not get to watch Unwrapped where they covered this, but it seems that they can accomplish this by infusing air into the treat. Think of a real good italian ice that has been infused with air to make it creamy tasting. Sounds good huh, well that is what we are talking about with the Starkiss. Big props to Marc Summers by the way who is the host of Unwrapped and used to hold it down in my childhood with Double Dare. My kids thought the Starkiss tasted like fruit flavored ice-cream, so I guess that is as good a compliment as you can get from my two boys.

So the Starkiss is a hit in my book and it seems I will be loading up on the cherry varity next time I hit the DQ with the kids. If you want the Stars and Stripes version though you better hurry. You should check out the Dairy Queen freezer, I was surprised at what else they had for take home, but make sure if you have the coin, you do not leave without a box of Starkiss.

Note: I could not find a picture of the Starkiss on the web, so photo credit goes to me for taking a picture on our kitchen counter

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