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White Castle Turkey Stuffing Recipe

White Castle Turkey Stuffing

Thanksgiving is around the corner and for everyone that is looking for something a little different, White Castle Chef Phillip Bach gives you a Turkey Stuffing to please everyone in your family that has craved a White Castle Slider at some point in their life.

It also looks like if you are not going to do it as a stuffing you can make a casserole out of it as well. Chef Phillip also gives you some turkey cooking tips as well. If anyone makes this stuffing this year please let us know how it comes out and you can watch the video below.

White Castle’s Original Slider® is the main ingredient for the stuffing

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Give thanks this holiday season for White Castle’s tasty twist on a traditional recipe for turkey stuffing that is sure to impress your guests. For all fans of White Castle this recipe is a must as it calls for 10 Sliders and has satisfied Cravers for more than 20 years. “Surprise your guests and their taste buds with this mouthwatering stuffing that is sure to be a hit this holiday season,” said White Castle Chef Phillip Bach. “This turkey stuffing uses all the traditional ingredients, but adds a new kick of flavor with White Castle’s 100 percent all-beef Sliders and savory grilled onions.” This signature recipe was created by a White Castle team member who got creative and substituted crumbled Sliders for the breadcrumbs. The balance of the bread and beef – combined with full-flavored grilled onions makes a perfect blend of textures and tastes. It’s the ultimate in an exotic, tasty treat for this holiday season. This gourmet recipe is quick and easy-to-make, even for those cooks responsible for preparing all the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner.

The Original White Castle Turkey Stuffing ingredients:
• 10 White Castle hamburgers, pickles removed
• 1½ cups diced celery
• 1 ¼ teaspoon each ground thyme and ground sage
• 1 ½ teaspoon coarse ground black pepper
• ¼ cup chicken broth

Tear burgers into small pieces into a large mixing bowl with the celery, thyme, sage and black pepper; toss to combine. Add chicken broth and toss again. Stuff the mixture into the turkey cavity just before roasting. The recipe makes about nine cups, enough for a 10 to 12 pound turkey or a casserole dish. Note: Allow one White Castle hamburger for each pound of turkey, which will be the equivalent of ¾ cup
of stuffing per pound.

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