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Lock up your love with Master Lock Love Locks

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Master Lock continues to set an amazing example with their newest campaign. With their Master Lock Love Locks and its official website, they invited visitors to lock up their love—virtually securing their bond to each other and simultaneously generating donations for the American Heart Association. 

Master Lock has been donating an initial $10,000 to the American Heart Association and will continue to donate an additional dollar for every love lock created and sent through the new site (up to $5,000) beginning October 19 through December 31, 2012.

Sweethearts, family members and friends can head to and virtually lock up their affection for loved ones or memorialize loved ones on various iconic bridges throughout the world in four easy steps – no travel required. Visitors select a lock, choose a bridge to secure their lock to, and upload a private photo and personal message for their loved one. To officially lock-up their love, the customized “love lock invitation” is sent to the recipient via email. If your love lock is honoring someone lost, send the invitation to yourself for acceptance. Once the invitation is accepted, the love lock and message are posted on the site’s public gallery, securing this symbol of endearment forever.

Master Lock sent me one of the Love Locks and I absolutely love it. I use to to lock up my bicycle at my apartments. I have had countless people ask me about it and what it stands for and in turn I spread the word of the great things Master Lock is doing. Also, the lock is very secure. Like all the Master Lock products I have used, I never feel anxious about leaving my bicycle locked up with their products. I also think it is adorable with its little red heart!

For more information or to send a virtual love lock, please visit or Master Lock’s website. 

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