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Pump Up the Volume with Philip Kingsley Maximizer – Review


The winter months can be tough on hair. The dry and cold weather not only will dry out hair but also cause it to be flat and often unwieldy. Thanks to the Philip Kingsley Maximizer, that is no longer an issue!

I have long had issues with my hair falling flat throughout the day and felt like I had tried everything to keep the voluminous styles looking good. Then I was suggested the Maximizer. I couldn’t have been more pleased with a product. The directions for using the products are super easy to understand and leaves no room for mistakes. After you have showered, while your hair is still wet/damp, you simply spray on roots for lift, or throughout lengths before styling for overall volume and then gently blow dry for maximum volume. The process took relatively no time to accomplish the desired effect which is super important to me. I don’t like having to spend a lot of time on my hair each morning before work, and the Maximizer allows me to that gorgeous full body look with only seconds in front of the mirror.

First I tried the product in the morning before work. Like I previously said, with only a few sprays and few seconds, I was good to go. Despite going inside and outside all day, my hair remained looking great. Even when the wind picked up, I was able to brush it out and it returned to its voluminous style easily.

Secondly, I tried the product one night before going out to a concert. This was an important test to me as I wanted my style to remain even in high energy environments. Through the entire evening, my hair remained perfectly plump and amazing. Despite all my hair went through, it never once fell flat.

Have color treated hair? Don’t worry about that either! The Maxmizer is proven to work with colored hair as well as fine and thin hair.

While the Philip Kingsley Maximizer is a slightly pricey at $20 for the larger spray/pump bottle, but it is definitely worth it. Whether it is the cold winter months or the humid summers, the Philip Kingsley Maximizer will be the saving grace for your limp or flat hair.

Is your hair falling a little flat?  Pump up the volume with the Philip Kingsley Maximizer.  Providing enviable body, maximum volume and beautiful shine, this styling product gives fine hair a vital boost.  Philip Kingsley Maximizer not only offers superb styling and control, but also contains protein and conditioning agents to keep the hair in excellent condition.

Philip Kingsley Maximizer ($20)


  • Provides super body and volume for fine, limp hair
  • Adds control and shine
  • Contains sunscreens for UV protection to prolong the life of color treated hair
  • Formulated with anti static ingredients to keep hair glossy throughout the day

Philip Kingsley Maximizer was provided for review upon writing this article. 

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