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Aperture R&D Episode 1 Premieres


The first official episode of “Aperture R&D” from Machinima has finally been released. The web series is based in the world of Portal 2 as the idiosyncratic scientists of Aperture Research Labs are in an endless battle for the meaningless title of Lab Team of the Month.

In episode one, after losing a fellow scientist, Nik and Charles must decide how much they’re willing to risk for the Lab Team of the Month title.

Fans can also visit for behind the scenes of this episode of Aperture R&D. Wayside Creations is a Los Angeles based production company specializing in online media and television commercials. In the beginning of 2011, Wayside released the virally popular film “Fallout: Nuka Break”, a short set in the “Fallout” video game universe. Several months later, a successful “Nuka Break” series was released and nominated for two awards by the IAWTV. Wayside consists of several writers, directors and producers with several years of film industry experience.

Watch episode one of  “Aperture R&D” exclusively from Machinima below:

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