Player vs. Pain Launches Today on Machinima Prime

By on March 28, 2013


Machinima Prime has released the season premiere of their series, “Player Vs. Pain” today. In the premiere episode of “Player vs. Pain,” Eric and Tommy from Reckless Tortuga do battle in Mario Kart Wii — while enduring unimaginable atomic wedgies.

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Below is the series description:

Each week, “Player vs Pain” will place top gamers and Machinima influencers against each other in video game challenges, while being subjected to various forms of “torture” to distract their gameplay. Hosted by TV personality Michelle Nunes, every episode will showcase modern and retro video games and subject top gamers to new torment. From taking a paintball shot for every kill in Halo to getting a strip of hair waxed off for every line cleared in Tetris, an outcry of pain is inevitable.
You can watch the exclusive first episode below as well as on Machinima Prime:

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