Neill Blomkamp Says District 9 Sequel Will Happen… Eventually


I won’t lie. I cried WATERFALLS at the end of the film District 9. I mean, will Christopher Johnson come back?? If you didn’t at least tear up at the climax, you are probably a robot. I also may or may not have named by cactus after Wikus van de Merwe. The 2009 dystopian science fiction film actually did well in the box office when it was first released acting as a sleeper hit. It grossed $210 million at the global box office on a $30 million budget. Years later, we are STILL waiting for a follow-up. The good news is that a sequel is in the works The bad news is that it’s not anywhere near ready to be released.

The film’s director and screenplay writer, Neill Blomkamp, recently did an interview Wired and revealed that District 10 is being worked on. He wouldn’t give up many details but did say that the story for the sequel was “really f*****g cool.” However, Blomkamp also stated that he was not prepared to commit to the sequel just yet leaving the any kind of time frame uncertain.

The story for District 9 was adapted from “Alive in Joburg,” a 2005 short film directed by Blomkamp and produced by Sharlto Copley and Simon Hansen. The title and premise of District 9 were inspired by events that took place in District Six, Cape Town during the apartheid era. The plot follows an extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth suddenly finds a kindred spirit in a government agent who is exposed to their biotechnology.

In the end, the most we can hope for is that the wait isn’t more than a couple of years.