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North Carolina Band House of Fools Talks Their Future


The Greensboro, North Carolina band House of Fools is on the rise. The band has been gaining fans everywhere they play as they prove to be just what your musical life was missing.  House of Fools is comprised of Josh King on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Matt Bowers on piano, Joel Kiser on guitar,  Tommy Scifres on guitar, Jack Foster on drums, and Jordan Powers on bass.

Beginning several years ago, Josh (lead vocals and acoustic guitar) and Matt (piano) were already playing together but over the years they began working on other projects with Josh involved with the project called The Necessary. However, a few years later their partnership was renewed when Josh and Matt once again began playing together and were approached with a record deal.

“A couple of years later, he began writing with Matt again — they were approached with a record deal, so most of the members of The Necessary, along with Matt formed House of Fools.  Following some member changes over the past few years, we’re now complete with Matt Bowers, Josh King, Joel Kiser (guitar), Tommy Scifres (guitar), Jack Foster (drums) and yours truly, Jordan Powers (bass),” said Powers.

While many groups find choosing a band name to be one of the most daunting processes that they can go through, House of Fools had their name fall into their laps like fate. According to Powers, the name was chosen after a chance glance at a refrigerator.

“One of the guys in the band saw the word House of Fools written in refrigerator magnets on a friend’s fridge.  It stuck — literally.”

One of the most impressive aspects of the rock revival group is their ability to effortlessly blend several diverse musical stylings together. They are able to make each track unique without sacrificing a unifying sound throughout their albums. Their flawless style undoubtedly comes from the various sources of inspiration that House of Fools draws on when writing and creating their music.

“We like so much different music that it’s impossible to pinpoint what exactly inspires the music.  Each song comes from a different place — maybe someone was listening to Harry Nilsson and took something from it — maybe someone else was jamming Depeche Mode and adopted an idea from “Enjoy the Silence.”  We call Joel “The Riff Master” and who knows where his ideas come from.”

Even the songwriting within House of Fools may begin in one spot by one member but it quickly becomes a collaborative effort. This teamwork mentality lends itself to the band’s distinct sound.

“Josh generally writes the song ideas with his acoustic guitar and brings them to the table.  From there on out, it’s collaborative,” added Powers.

In a culture that is so flush with talent, it can be hard to stand out among the masses of other bands and singers yet House of Fools doesn’t have that problem. Alongside their amazing live show and the incredible emotionally powerful albums, the band is able to set themselves apart from the rest with their unmistakable drive and ambition. Despite the several setbacks that House of Fools has experienced, the band has yet to give up as they continue to produce great music and fantastic shows.

“I would think that our resolve is another thing that sets us apart.  This band has been through a ton of ups and downs in our seven years which has all been documented by our close friend and filmmaker Patrick Caudle.  He is releasing a film about House of Fools called “When the Lights Go Out” in 2013 which we can’t wait for everyone to see,” said Powers.

The future for House of Fools is wide open. Even though they have two large tours ahead of them in 2013, the band would be happy if they could continue to just play their music for people who enjoy it.

“We just want to keep rocking.  As it stands, we’re planning on going to Europe and SXSW in 2013, so those are two highlights that come to mind off the bat.  Otherwise we want to continue playing our songs for people who like to watch and listen to play our songs.”

Between the two full length albums House of Fools has released, it can seem daunting to pick which track to be considered the best. However, when it comes to which tracks the band enjoys playing the most, Powers mentions, “Spirit of the Bear.”

“My personal favorite song to play is an unreleased song called “Spirit of the Bear” that will more than likely be on our next record.  Joel’s favorite is “Pickle” because he loves pickles so much,” he added.


House of Fools released their newest album, Versus The Beast, after recording it at their home studio in Greensboro. The album serves as a fresh start for the group after three years of national touring and a Universal Records release that was unfortunately plagued with label issues. The 13 track album is not only representative of the remarkable talent of all the members but also what perseverance and determination can accomplish.

Versus The Beast is an album that listeners will regret not hearing sooner. The 2012 release features intoxicating tracks such as “Oblivion” and “Daylight” that will cause you to fall in love. Other inspiring tracks include “Time” and “Happy Now” which touch on the ups and downs of life that anyone and everyone will be able to relate to. The voice of lead singer, Josh King, is both comforting and stirring.

This sophomore effort from House of Fools will fill the hole in your musical Rolodex and the void in your heart.

The band continues to grow and change as they capture the hearts and ears of fans everywhere. The sextet has already had several milestones in their career including the release of two albums and their successful tours, however there is one moment that stands out for all the members.

“We’ve had the chance to support the legendary Leon Russell several times and I can say that is a really high point for us all.”

You can check out the music of House of Fools as well as their upcoming schedule and videos at their official website.

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