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The Butterfly Effect Getting A Reboot


I won’t lie. I actually kind of liked the pseudo science fiction/psychological thriller film, The Butterfly Effect. However, considering it less than a decade old, I do not see the point of giving it a reboot.  Maybe I am the only one since Variety has reported that the film has a reboot already in the works. 

Not much information has been released regarding the project but what we do know is that the new film will be written by Eric Bress, who co-wrote/directed the 2004 film which starred Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart. Also, FilmEngine and Benderspink are set to produce the reboot. Currently there is no director attached.

The Butterfly Effect was based on the chaos theory which illustrates how small initial differences may lead to large unforeseen consequences over time. The story follows Evan, played by Kutcher, his childhood sweetheart, Kayleigh, played by Smart, and her sadistic brother. Evan, who has struggled with blackouts all his life, learns that he is actually able to time travel and change the present by changing his past. Having been the victim of several childhood traumas aggravated by stress-induced memory losses, he attempts to set things right for himself and his friends, but there are unintended consequences for all. The film draws heavily on flashbacks of the characters’ lives at ages 7 and 13, and presents several alternate present-day outcomes as Evan attempts to change the past, before settling on a final outcome.

Despite the film not being well received by critics, it ended up being a commercial success.  The film won the Pegasus Audience Award at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, and was nominated for Best Science Fiction Film at the Saturn Awards and Choice Movie: Thriller in the Teen Choice Awards.

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