A Single Shot Reveals Three Character Posters

By on August 16, 2013


Tribeca Films upcoming thriller, A Single Shot, has officially revealed three character posters featuring Sam Rockwell, John Isaacs, and William H. Macy. The film stars Rockwell as John Moon, a hunter who accidentally shoots a young woman while hunting deer and at her body, he finds a box of money. He tries to cover up the accidental murder but unfortunately discovers the money belongs to criminals who most definitely want it back. 

Macy plays a lawyer hired by the main character to try to help out of his situation. Along side Isaacs, Macy, and Rockwell, the film also features Kelly Reilly and Jeffrey Wright.

A Single Shot was directed by David M. Rosenthal. The film will be playing On Demand starting August 20 and then it will be released by Tribeca Film in select theaters on September 20.

You can see the character posters for Isaacs and Macy below with Rockwell above.


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