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CatAcademy Teaches You a Foreign Language with Funny Cat Photos


If only I knew this existed when I started learning French and German. Thanks to a new app for iOS, you can learn Spanish (and hopefully one day French and German) by doing something we all do whether you admit it or not. Looking at cat pictures.

CatAcademy ($0.99 in the App Store) was started by Ed Cooke, a co-founder of Memrise, one of the five most popular language learning tools. It incorporates Memrise techniques, such as spaced repetition, multiple test modes, and adaptation to your progress. According to the app, using cat photos allows users to create a strong association between the phrases and their meanings and alongside that, research suggests that cuteness, humor, and strong visuals make things more memorable.

Right now, it is only available in Cat Spanish but according to the makers, there are more in the works. Cat Spanish by CatAcademy ($0.99)

Also I just realized that most of the entries in “Geekery” section involves cats. Not even ashamed. That’s what happens when a crazy cat lady starts her own website. Here, enjoy my cats:



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