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Sleepaway Camp Reboot In The Works


If you haven’t seen the 1983 slasher flick, Sleepaway Camp, you are in for a treat. The film’s shocking ending has made it a cult favorite while its sequels are less regarded. However, now it appears that producer Jeff Katz is working on rebooting the bloody good film. That was a terrible pun.

According to Deadline, Katz has optioned the remakes rights from the original film’s rights holders: writer-director Robert Hiltzik, producer Michele Tatosian, and star Felissa Rose, who starred in the 1983 original as Angela Baker.

Sleepaway Camp follows the female lead, Angela, an introverted, shy camper at a summer camp where she is bullied and tortured. While there, the summer camp becomes a bloodbath as a killer begins murdering her fellow campers.

Katz wants to set the reboot in a modern-day setting while still remaining true to the original film. The project will also include Hiltzik, Tatosian and Rose as producers.

Those of you who haven’t experienced this disturbing film, Scream Factory announced that it will release the original, uncut version of Sleepaway Camp on Blu-ray for the first time ever. It will be released this spring.

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