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The Conjuring Gets Spin-off Focusing on Annabelle



According to a report from Schmoes Knows, Annabelle, the creepy doll from The Conjuring and the real life of the Warrens, is getting her own spin-off film. After the success of The Conjuring in the box office, New Line and Warner Bros. almost immediately announced plans for a sequel, but if the reports are true, then it appears we have a franchise on our hands.

Annabelle only appears a few times in the film, but is one of the more famous and creepy reportedly true stories that Ed and Lorraine Warren have been a part of. The events follow the real life story of a pair of nursing students who claimed their doll was possessed by a ghost. The tale concluded – both as it was reported in real life and in the fictionalized account in The Conjuring – when famed ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren discovered the doll was inhabited not by a benign spirit but by a demonic entity bent on taking the girls’ souls. The doll is currently locked away in a glass case stating that it should never be opened.

The movie, titled simply Annabelle, is expected to begin production in the spring with The Conjuring’s Director of Photography, John R. Leonetti, at the helm. There is no word yet on whether Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson will reprise their roles as the Warrens or if director James Wan will have any input in the production.

Also according to the report, The Conjuring 2, is moving forward as the Hayes brothers, who wrote the first film, are working on the script. Farmiga and Wilson are both attached for the film.


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