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Apple Patents Oculus Rift-Style Headset



Look, we all want to experience a roller coaster and a guillotine via virtual reality and Oculus Rift is getting us there. However, it looks like Apple isn’t okay with Oculus getting all the glory. Recently, patents were uncovered detailing a potential Apple-branded head-mounted display.

Based on the sketches, which you can see above, the 3D glasses resemble goggles and the patent details a focus on media viewing. It appears to me more like a Google-Glass type system rather than a gaming system.

Though, there are some unique aspects to the patent. Rather than having to squeeze a pair of prescription glasses under the goggles, Apple describes a conceptual data processing technique that could adjust the image sent to each individual lens to compensate for those with eye-sight problems — an-as-yet unaddressed short coming with other dual-display 3D glasses systems.

While a patent does not necessarily mean that a new product is on the way, it does mean that tech-innovating Apple is eyeing a journey to join Google and Oculus Rift.


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