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Holiday Gift Guide: Two Hot Tech Gifts Under $100

The gift giving season is here and many of us have our eyes on some of this year’s hottest luxury electronic gifts for our various devices. However, if you are looking for something slightly more affordable but just as luxurious, Nakamichi has you covered with two high-quality audio products. Both products compete with big names like Beats and Bose but at half the price. They’re available in-store at Sears and KMart and also on Amazon.

The Shockwave Bluetooth Speaker. Desktop Size. Home Theater Sound. 

Typical Price:  $71.99

Whether you’re watching a movie on your laptop or streaming music from a cellphone, the Shockwave is designed to deliver an impressive aural experience, with or without wires. It even takes phone calls over Bluetooth, so you’ll never miss a beat. Features: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 80 dB SPL output level, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio/Video Remote Control (AVRCP).


Quality Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 

Typical Price: $55.99

Enjoy a high-quality wireless listening experience that embraces you with sound and comfort. Whether you’re flipping through your favorite album or taking important phone calls, the easy-to-tap, on-ear buttons let you switch between music and calls with the push of a button. You will be amazed by the sound quality and comfort of these lightweight, go-anywhere headphones. Features: Wireless, Bluetooth, Built-In Mic, Lithium battery.


About Nakamichi

Nakamichi was founded in 1948 by Mr. Etsuro Nakamichi, and has since established itself as a trusted creator of high-quality audio products that deliver sound, style, and substance. The Nakamichi product line is driven by an intense scientific curiosity, the love of music, and commitment to uncompromising quality and performance.

Nakamichi was born from a small research institute in Tokyo, Japan that provided R&D for major brands, government entities, universities, and organizations in the private sector. The first Nakamichi product was a reel-to-reel cassette deck, the Nakamichi 1000, which quickly set the standard for top-of-the-line cassette decks. Since then, Nakamichi has contributed to various innovations in technology, such as the compact disc and similar optical memory systems, paving the way for an entire range of high-end consumer electronics. Today, Nakamichi prides itself on relentless research and development, while delivering some of the world’s best products to people who appreciate sound at its highest quality.

About WOW Technologies (Singapore) PTE LTD

WOW Technologies, founded by Dr. Anthony Lye, is a company dedicated to designing and producing quality consumer electronics and technology products known for their precision engineering and superb craftsmanship. WOW Technologies is pleased to be the official brand guardian and licensee of Nakamichi in North America, South America, and Germany.

WOW Technologies is based in both the United States and Singapore, and has been delivering audiophile-grade products that delight and wow since 2003.

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