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Mario’s World Is Now Available For Your Cat


Etsy is a magical thing, really. Cat lovers of all kind can find solace in the kinship of the crafty world of Etsy and now if you are also a gamer, like me, your worlds are about to collide. Mike Wilson and Megan Hanneman, two Etsy shop owners, have recreated the world of Mario for your cat (and maybe you.)

Their product, called The Super Mario Cat Complex, will entice kittens and cats alike. It is handmade and features pipelines lined with sisal for kitty climbing. The blocks — which include a signature “?” cube in the middle — are hollow for cats to roam through.

The complex is available through the pair’s Etsy shop, CatastrophiCreations, for $200.

Below is a video for you to get a better idea of the product as a cat tests it out.

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