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New James Cambias Novel, “A Darkling Sea,” Released

Darkling Sea - James Cambias

James Cambias has officially released his latest novel, “A Darkling Sea.” The science fiction adventure takes place on a distant planet where three alien species come head to head on a pitch black ocean floor miles beneath the ice cap.

In celebration of the release of “A Darkling Sea,” Tor Books has done something special and created tie-in websites for readers to engage with. is a prop website for the “United Nations Interstellar Cooperation Agency” which features in Cambia’s novel. This is a very exciting opportunity for fans to learn more about the universe Cambias created. (Which you will most  definitely want to do!)

The websites include tons of bonus features:

  • A mission statement for Ilmatar Expedition III
  • Facts about Ilmatar
  • What we currently know about life on Ilmatar
  • A description of the Hitode Station
  • Crew bios where you can meet the personnel of the Ilmatar mission
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Ilmatar Expedition 111 Mission Blog
  • Information about The United Nations Interstellar Cooperation Agency
  • The personal website of the universally famous explorer and adventurer Henri Kerlerec, currently on mission with the Ilmatar Expedition.

A DARKLING SEA is the riveting tale of a far off ice planet and the three alien species who come head to head under its dark and frigid ocean. First, there are humans, still in the early stages of space exploration and excitedly conducting research via their sub-ocean base kilometers under the ice layer covering Ilmatar. Next, there are the Sholen, the first species humans interacted and forged an uneasy truce with. The thoughtful Sholen are weary of the human influence off of Earth and allow the research only under a strict agreement of non-interference with the indigenous life forms. And finally, there are the Ilmatarans: blind, enormous lobster like creatures who are seemingly yet unaware that they are not alone in the universe—but are certainly more intelligent than their observers might think. All is well until a reckless human adventurer gets himself captured and dissected by the curious  Ilmatarans—after which it’s a culture clash of galactic proportions and terrifying consequences.

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