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The Wooly Mamas Debut EP Parlor Deluxe Showcases Their Talent – Review

the wooly mamas

Nashville, Tennessee based rock band, The Wooly Mama’s, recently released their debut album that will surely gain the attention of everyone who hears it. The band is composed of Zach Bossart on bass guitar and vocals, Rick Patoray on vocals, guitar and piano, and Kenny Thomas on vocals and drums. The trio originally began in Washington D.C. in 2002 and moved to the music city five years ago to spread their sound to new fans.

The EP, entitled Parlor Deluxe, may only have seven songs but it entices listeners from the beginning.

The first song on the EP, called “Do I Really” is a strong open to the rest of the album. It highlights both the technical skill of the band members as well as the unique vocals. The chorus is catchy with a rhythm that moves.

“Always in Fall” is the fifth song on the EP where it sits comfortably as a ballad. Its soft and slow cadence is remarkably soothing while the vocals flawlessly accompany the instrumentals. The song has a tempo that just makes you want to move.

Arguably the best song of the EP is the last song entitled, “Orphan Times.” The strong closer is a slower track yet the most emotional of them all. The slower rhythm and pace of the song pulls forward a different side of the band away from the rock roots they arose from. The guitar work is both soothing and stirring. The lead vocals are incredibly sentimental and affecting.

The Parlor Deluxe EP really shows what this trio is made of. The vocals are  both relax and powerful while the guitar and drums accompany them perfectly.

This band may be relatively unknown in the local music scene of Nashville but it seems doubtful they will remain unknown for much longer. The band’s live show is as great as their recording. The trio has such obvious passion for their music that it comes through each note sang and each chord played.

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