“Beautiful Bastard” Authors Announce New Novel

By on April 25, 2014


Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings have announced a fourth installment to their “Beautiful Stranger” book series. The new novel, titled “Beautiful Secret” will be published in April 2015. It will be proceeded by a digital only novella called “Beautiful Beloved.”

“Beautiful Secret” centers on the story of Max’s inexperienced brother, Niall, who comes to New York from England for business, “has no clue when it comes to women” and gets “obliterated by one.” And in a fun twist, the story intersects with their Wild Seasons series (which debuts in stores May 13).

The pair released a statement under their pen name “Christina Lauren” saying,

“We always wanted Wild Seasons to intersect with the Beautifuls, but we didn’t anticipate that the merger would lead to two new additions to the Beautiful series! We are so happy that we followed our impulse, though … these books are just way too much fun to write!”

The original series has sold over 1.3 million copies with a movie version currently in development at Constantin Films.

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