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Become A Google Glass Explorer For $1500 Starting April 15


Google Glass isn’t ready to launch completely yet but if you live in the United States you get the next best thing. Beginning on April 15, Google is opening the Glass Explorer program to the U.S. citizens. The catch is the cost. A Google Glass unit costs $1,500 plus applicable taxes. But hey, they will ship with your favorite shade or Glass-specific frame.

The program opens its doors at 6 AM PT on Tuesday. Please note that there are only limited spots available, so it’s probably going to be first-come, first-serve. This is still a very expensive piece of hardware, and Google is very clear about this still being the Glass Explorer program specifically, so that comes with all the caveats about this being bleeding edge tech that’s prone to some bugs and refinements yet to come.

Google has previously expanded Glass Explorer program availability by giving the first round of Explorers invites for their friends and family, and now clearly wants to do as much as possible to open up the floodgates for a much broader beta pool.

If you want to get reminded about the April 15 6 AM start time, sign up here, or just bookmark it and return to start Exploring.

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