Beloved Comic Strip Character, Archie, To Die This July

By on April 8, 2014


Much like an afternoon special of “Boy Meets World,” this week’s lesson is that everyone dies and no one safe from the reapers icy grasp. Not even Archie Andrews. That’s right, the comic strip character.

Archie Comics announced their plans to kill the titular character in July in the final two issues of “Life with Archie.” The series fast-forwards the audience into the gang’s post-college adult years. It initially began publication five years ago.

We will get to see his final moments in issue number 36 while the subsequent and final issue will focus on his friends Jughead, Betty, Veronica and Reggie as they reminisce about the life of the redheaded character, who first appeared in 1941.

“Archie has and always will represent the best in all of us — he’s a hero, goodhearted, humble and inherently honorable. This story is going to inspire a wide range of reactions because we all feel so close to Archie,” said Archie Comics Publisher/Co-CEO Jon Goldwater in a statement.

Both issues feature covers by top comic artists including Francesco Francavilla, Fiona Staples, Walt Simonson, Jill Thompson, Mike Allred, Cliff Chiang, Adam Hughes and Alex Ross.

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