The Muki Mug: A Mug with a Customizable e-Ink Display Powered By Heat

By on April 25, 2014


I am pretty sure we are in the future. A new coffee mug is in the horizon thanks to the Muki mug from Paulig. The coffee cup (or tea, whatever floats your hot drink powered boat) has a customizable e-Ink display that requires no electricity.

The e-Ink image (think a kindle reader) uses a wireless Bluetooth connection to easily transfer images from your mobile device to the built-in screen. It DOES NOT require batteries or charging cables instead the mug utilizes a thermoelectric generator on the bottom where it draws from the heat of your drink.

Unfortunately, at the moment the mug is not for commercial sale. It was created as a promotional product for the Finnish coffee company, Paulig. However, plans to move the Muki mug to the consumer market is on the way.

According to the company website:

Paulig Muki is a revolutionary coffee cup that uses the heat from coffee to produce a picture on the side of the cup. You’ll find a new, surprising or moving picture on the cup’s screen every single time you fill it. You can either upload the picture from your smart phone or let your friends surprise you. Drinking coffee has never been this entertaining!

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