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Get Your Own 3D-Printed Van Gogh That Looks Amazing


Thanks to a new Russian startup company called Prixel, you can own your very own faux Van Gogh for a max price of $200. Thank you 3D printing!

Prixel uses ultraviolet printers that can interpret brushstrokes and very specific details like paint color to create an almost indistinguishable product. Using this method, the unique style of an artist is not lost as the exact contours of their strokes are present.

Most of the cheaper Prixel pieces are printed in five or six layers. However, if you are willing to pay extra you can get one with 20 or more layers adding more depth and realism to overall faux art piece.

Van Gogh is not the only artist available either, you can buy 3D printed Picassos and Matisses, and my personal favorite: pieces from Ivanchina Jan (below).


More Van Gogh examples below:

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