CBS Passes on “How I Met Your Dad”

By on May 15, 2014


CBS has officially confirmed they are passing on the spinoff series, “How I Met Your Dad.” Can we all breathe a sigh of relief?

However, the canceling of the spinoff came as a surprise considering it had previously been casted and green lit. CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler said that there were elements of the pilot that CBS were unhappy with and that they wanted to do a new version of the pilot.

Vulture got in touch with some industry sources and found out that there were some serious creative differences between CBS and the creators, most notably with the cast.

Rumors say that star Greta Gerwig was NOT the problem (I mean how could she be? She’s a doll.) The rumors go on to say that the problem came from two of the supporting leads though it was never said who those two leads were. There was also talk that some CBS executives were worried that Gerwig’s character wasn’t “likable” enough.

On the profit side of things, Vulture reported that because 20th Century Fox produced How I Met Your Dad, and not CBS, didn’t help matters. Since CBS wasn’t producing the show, they wouldn’t have gotten any of the syndication profits.

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