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What is the Future for Community After Cancellation?

After the collective lives of humanity were worsened by the news that NBC cancelled “Community,” rumors began swirling that maybe there was another way to bring the show back.

According to a report from Deadline, there are unfortunately no plans to shop the series around to other outlets. Even further, series creator Dan Harmon is ready to move on to his next projects which includes season 2 of “Rick and Morty.”

Right now, “Community” is available on Hulu and is in syndication on Comedy Central. The streaming deal with Hulu is one roadblock that keeps the show from continuing on another streaming service like Netflix.

Harmon commented on the cancellation saying,

“I was on my way to LAX, and somebody from Sony called me [about the cancellation]. Listen, the fans of that show have more reason to be upset than I do. I can go create another show. And also I got paid. The people that are most devastated are people that put unpaid labor into the show. Like, ‘I’m hash-tagging this, I’m getting a tattoo of this, I love this show,’ they didn’t get compensated for it. They had a relationship with the show.”

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