NASA Discovers the Darkest Shadows in the Galaxy

By on May 27, 2014


NASA and the University of Zurich announced this week that they have discovered what they believe to be the darkest spots in the galaxy outside of a black hole’s event horizon.

The shadows or dark spots are formed by clumps of extremely dense gas clouds. The spots were first observed using the Spitzer Space Telescope. They are part of a much larger cloud of gas and elemental particles that will eventually condense into O-type stars, which are among the brightest and biggest in the observable universe.

A NASA press release said,

The dusty cloud, the results suggest, will likely evolve into one of the most massive young clusters of stars in our galaxy. The densest clumps will blossom into the cluster’s biggest, most powerful stars, called O-type stars, the formation of which has long puzzled scientists. These hulking stars have major impacts on their local stellar environments while also helping to create the heavy elements needed for life.

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