Nicolas Winding Refn Targets The Bringing

By on May 17, 2014


Nicolas Winding Refn is currently in talks to helm the upcoming horror movie “The Bringing” with Sony Pictures. The supernatural horror feature comes from an original script by Brandon and Phillip Murphy.

The Bringing is loosely inspired by the mysterious death of Elisa Lam. Lam’s body was discovered in a water tower on the roof of Los Angeles’ Cecil Hotel in February of 2013. Footage was later released from an elevator security camera that shows Lam interacting with a seemingly invisible entity. Although the script for The Bringing is not said to focus on Lam in any way, it is set at the same hotel and follows a man investigating a similarly mysterious death.

Refn is most known for the films Drive and Only God Forgives. Matt Tolmach will produce The Bringing alongside Daniela Cretu of First Born Films.

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