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Try These Cute Drinkable Cats With Your Next Cup of Coffee (If You’re in Japan)


Have you ever wanted to mix your coffee life and your cat life without the scalding burns? Thankfully, we have found a product that makes your hot drink even cuter and more delicious. These marshmallows are in adorable cat and paw printed shapes that will dissolve as you drink.

The cat confectioner is known as Yawahada, The designed the marshmallow to set afloat in the hot beverage of your choice. Though realistically they can be used for many more delicious reasons. (Cat cupcakes anyone?)

The cats and paws are available in vanilla and chocolate. Each marshmallow feline are handmade to perfection. They will never tip upside down or sink in whatever hot drink they accompany.

Unfortunately they are only available in Japan. BUT they are working on international shipping options. So here I am doing my part to spread the word to get them sold in America. Why does Japan get all the best cat stuff?

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