BBC Orders Zombie Apocalypse Game Show

By on June 5, 2014


Do you think you could survive a zombie apocalypse? Soon, you can find out! But not with real zombies (unfortunately? fortunately?) The BBC has announced that it has ordered a zombie apocalypse-themed game show from Tiger Aspect.

The show will be called “I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse.” It will air on the U.K. public broadcaster’s youth network BBC Three, which is set to go online-only in late 2015.

BBC has ordered seven hour-long episodes of the horror game show.The show will feature eight contestants trapped inside a shopping mall, surrounded by zombies. They have to use urban survival tactics to avoid being bitten and “turning” according to a description of the show.

The contestants will also have to stay alive throughout “tasks” required by the show. Of course the tasks will be dangerous and put them within contact of the undead hoard.

Outgoing BBC Three controller Zai Bennett described the show as “a reality event on a huge scale,” while promising it will be “a deadly twist on the [game show] genre.”

Ruby Kuraishe added,

 “This is a tongue-in-cheek game show that will really test one’s mettle. I think people will die to be a part of it.”

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