Blackberry Releasing Weird Box Phone This Fall

By on June 24, 2014


No, Blackberry isn’t quite dead yet. This fall they are releasing a new phone that can only be described as “odd” at least as far as smartphone releases go. The square boxy phone will be called the Passport. I mean, really?

The screen has a 4.5 inch 1440 x 1440 pixel display with a full QWERTY keyboard on the bottom. The keyboard will reportedly be touch-sensitive to facilitate gestures.

Now, I actually kind of support the return of an actual button keyboard. My thumbs miss something solid to rap against. But I do not see how the Passport could fit comfortably in anyone’s hands. Nor do I see how the sharp edges could be a good idea. It is big, bulky, and all together unattractive.

The Passport will not be officially revealed until September but has been confirmed earlier this month.

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