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Cat Simulator: Catlateral Damage On Kickstarter


There are very few things in this world I want more than to be a cat for a few hours. Now, the physics-based mischief game, “Catlateral Damage” lets that dream come true, kinda. The game allows you to act as a cat and do what they do best: cause mischief and knock things off tables and other surfaces around the house.

“Catlateral Damage” is currently at Kickstarter where creator Chris Chung is aiming to raise $40,000 (£24,000) to expand the demo into a full game. He envisions generated houses where you will systematically trash everything then move onto the next one, then the next, until you get to break something very expensive in a mansion at the end of the street. Power-ups and different cat classes, with some able to jump higher or more fond of trashing plants, are planned too.

According to the Kickstarter page, pledging at least $12 (£7) will get you a copy of the finished game.

If you want to try the demo/beta version, you can play it in your browser with Unity or download it.

Watch the Kickstarter video below:

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