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Kittyo Allows Cat Owners to Interact With Their Cats From Anywhere


If you are a cat owner, you probably feel bad when you leave your cat for a long period of time. I know I do. Even sometimes at work, I miss their fuzzy little faces. Now, you can play with your cat even when you are not at home!

Kittyo is the glorious all-in-one device that is part camera, part speaker, part laser toy and part treat dispenser that securely clamps to a wall.

The device allows you to interact with your cats through a free smartphone app in a variety of ways.

Feel badly when you’re away for hours? Now it’s time to shed your guilt, and connect with your cat even more. With the Kittyo app and device, you can remotely: activate sound to attract your cat, move laser around for your cat to play with, watch your cat have fun while providing exercise, push button to speak to your cat, record and share videos of your cat and dispense your cat’s favorite treats!

Unfortunately at the moment, the device is not for sale in retail stores. The creators recently raised funds through Kickstarter for the first round of Kittyo’s to be released and it can now be pre-ordered on their website.

You can watch their video pitch belowor visit their website for pre-ordering.

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