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The Moon’s Internet Connection is (likely) Faster than Yours


I think most people wish they had faster internet speed. Hell, Comcast being the jerks they are keep throttling mine every time I get within a days of the month’s end. Anyway, our problems could be solved once those moon colonies get up and running. Researchers recently sent Wi-Fi to the moon and found out the connection is very likely faster than anything you have ever connected to before.

NASA and MIT used four 6-inch diameter telescopes to beam pulses of infrared light to a satellite circling the Moon while scientists established a solid connection with a speed of 19 Mbps down.


In case you were wondering, 19 Mbps is faster than the United States national average. Insert frowny face here.

The ISS-to-Moon connection is even more intense at an incredible 622 Mbps down.

I think Richard Branson needs to be a bit more proactive at using his crazy rich guy money to build moon colonies.

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