Bill Murray’s Unreleased “Nothing Lasts Forever” Lands on YouTube

By on July 12, 2014


A seemingly long-lost Bill Murray film, Nothing Lasts Forever has popped up on YouTube this week out of nowhere. The movie is a science fiction comedy from 1984 starring Murray and directed by Tom Schiller. The film is almost completely black and white with a smattering of color. It even has a few musical numbers for some reason. We have included the movie in its entirety below!

Nothing Lasts Forever follows a young man named Adam, played by Zach Galligan (Gremlins), an aspiring artist who moves to New York only to find that the Port Authority has seemingly taken over and turned the city into a totalitarian state. Adam is forced to work as a night watchman at the entrance of the Holland Tunnel, where Dan Aykroyd cameos as his boss. Soon Adam finds himself trying to prove his worth as an artist, but ends up on a bus to the moon, on which Murray plays the conductor, to find his true love.

Reportedly, Nothing Lasts Forever was only screened once in Seattle and was shelved (almost) forever due to the poor response. It never even got a VHS or DVD release.

You can watch Nothing Lasts Forever below:

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