John Goodman to Heading New J.J. Abrams Thriller

By on July 12, 2014

john goodmanJ.J. Abrams and Bad Robot productions are working on another science fiction thriller and they just announced that John Goodman is set to star in the leading role. The film, titled Valencia, will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg with Paramount Pictures Insurge studio.

Valencia takes place in an underground cellar following a disastrous nuclear attack. Goodman will portray a caretaker residing in the cellar with a teenage girl who has recently awoken after a car accident.

The script was penned by Dan Casey based on an original draft from Josh Campbell and Matthew Stuecken. Apparently Insurge loves to create “visionary” films at low costs so Valencia’s budget will be around a mere $5 million. But with Abrams involved it will likely at least be worthy of your time.

Little else is known about the plot or who else is expected to star in the project. An anticipated release date has not been announced.

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