Jim Gaffigan Comedy Lands Series Order

By on August 3, 2014

jim_gaffigan_categoryJim Gaffigan is finally getting his own series and you can imagine it will be hilarious (and semi-autobiographical!) His show has gotten a series order on TV Land. Comedy Central will also air the episodes after they air on TV Land.

“The Gaffigan Show” will star the comedian as a happily married father of five who lives in New York. (This much is true of his real life.)

The show has been picked up and dropped several times over the years. CBS picked it up twice before passing on it both times in the end.

Gaffigan commented on the series order,

 “I am thrilled that TV Land is giving us this opportunity to do this show that Peter, Jeannie and I have been fine-tuning for three years,” Gaffigan said. “I’m probably most excited about the craft service. I gained 20 pounds for this role. OK, fine. It was 40 pounds.”

TV Land president Larry W. Jones is also excited about the order, adding,

“We love Jim Gaffigan’s brand of humor. The second we saw this show we knew we wanted it on TV Land. The audience that TV Land is targeting is Gen Xers who are raising families so we love that this show reflects their world. Only funnier.”

“The Gaffigan Show” will get 10 episodes on TV Land in 2015.

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