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A Spirograph Machine Makes Beautiful Burned Pancakes

Pancake spiragraph

When I was a child, one of the only toys I wanted was a Spirograph machine. My parents REFUSED (and I never could figure out why). Now, I am wondering if I had proposed this use they may have gotten it for me. Nathan Shields has adapted the creativity machine to become something more awesome all together known as the Pangraph.


The Pangraph uses the spiraling function of the Spirograph along with a pancake batter dispenser to create edible designs directly into the pan. It should be noted that the process does take longer to make so it is not ideal for a quick meal but rather a gorgeous one.

Unfortunately, it also creates slightly burned pancakes. They are thinner and less fluffy than a traditional one and as you can see from the photo above, darker than what you would normally enjoy to eat (unless you are a weirdo who prefers burned pancakes over light and fluffy ones.)

You can check out a video of the machine below:

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