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Architects Create Intricate Cat Shelters For Homeless Felines


There are far too many homeless cats out there. I mean how could someone see the cuddly face of a cat out in the streets and not want to take it home, bundle it up in a towel, and bottle feed it until it is healthy have a new best friend? In response to the growing number of homeless and stray cats, FixNation, a non-profit dedicated to spaying and neutering street felines, recently commissioned some L.A. architects to design some rather groovy outdoor homes for cats.

The cat shelters designed by the architects are meant to raise awareness and money for the charity while also giving feral cats a place to call home.

Each of the unique and intricate cat shelters are created with a variety of different materials such as wood, faux-grass, bits of carpeting, shingled tubes and metal hoops and concrete boxes.

The cat shelters are to be donated to FixNation facilities which offer free trap-neuter-return services for homeless cats.

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