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Check Out “The Seventh Sigil” – The Final Book In The Dragon Brigade Trilogy


This week, fantasy readers will be treated to the captivating ending to the Dragon Brigade trilogy by Margaret Weis and co-author Robert Krammes. “The Seventh Sigil,” releasing on September 23, is the gripping and electrifying conclusion to the series.

The tale of war and personal redemption began five hundred years ago when a clan of rebels was banished to the bottom of the enchanted world of Aeronne; ever since, these Bottom Dwellers have sought revenge, and now they are waging all-out war on the rest of humanity. Their deadly “contramagic” beams destroy buildings and attack naval airships, and their demonic drumming brings terrible storms and disrupts the magic of the people and dragons Above. The attack of their full contramagic power will create a magical armageddon.

In an effort to prevent further death, Captain Stephano de Guichen leads the Dragon Brigade, taking the fight to the Bottom. But strength of arms alone will not be enough to conquer their foe. As the Bottom Dwellers’ blood magic eats away at the world, those Above realize their only possible defense lies in the heretical secrets of contramagic. Loyal priests must decide whether to protect the Church, or risk its destruction in pursuit of the truth.

Only the Dragon Brigade can prevent an endless dark age. Their epic battle will test the mettle of those thrown into the breach and determine the fate of this magical world, and fans of fantasy adventures such as Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series will not be disappointed!

Weis is the internationally bestselling author and coauthor of The Dragonlance Chronicles and other great fantasy series.

I promise you won’t be disappointed! If you haven’t read the other installments of the trilogy, it is about time you have and with series coming to a close, you won’t get into a George R.R. Martin situation if you know what I mean.

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