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Clerks III Moving Forward


Kevin Smith has announced that the “Clerks” franchise is finally getting its third family member. Clerks III has finally secured financing after years of attempting to get the film to be a reality.

Smith said,

“‘Tusk’ was the absolute bridge to ‘Clerks III,'” says Smith. “Because of ‘Tusk,’ I got my financing for ‘Clerks III’. A year and change ago I was desperately trying to get ‘Clerks III’ made for the 20th anniversary… I must have reeked of [desperation], because I couldn’t f–ing find money and s–t. But it was ‘Tusk,’ with people going ‘Holy f–k, what else do you have?’ I was like, ‘Clerks III!’ and they’re like. ‘Done!’ Everybody that’s like, ‘He failed, he failed!’ I’m like, ‘Thank you, I failed into Clerks III!’”

The “Clerks” franchise featured Jeff Anderson and Brian O’Halloran as Randal Graves and Dante Hicks, respectively. They appeared in the black and white original film in 1994 which followed the pair of young slackers working minimum wage customer service jobs. It was followed by a brief animated series. Then Over a decade later it got a sequel by way of 2006’s Clerks II which picked up with the duo in their new jobs at a fast food joint.

There is no confirmation that Anderson and O’Halloran will return but it is assumed they will reprise their roles for the final installment.

Smith revealed the news on the most recent episode of his “Hollywood Babble-On” podcast.

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