John Oliver’s Talk Show Ratings Edging Out HBO Colleague Bill Maher

By on September 30, 2014


John Oliver is a hit with, well everyone with HBO. His sunday night show on HBO, “Last Week Tonight” has become one of the most popular weekly news recap series on air currently as he has begun edging out fellow news host political veteran Bill Maher in HBO ratings.

“Last Week Tonight” has been airing for five months and has been averaging roughly 4.1 million weekly viewers across TV airings and DVR, on-demand and HBO Go plays. That puts Oliver’s show narrowly ahead of Real Time With Bill Maher‘s 4 million weekly viewers, according to HBO. Oliver’s show is even beating out his old buddy’s show “The Colbert Report” despite having the terrible timeslot of 11 pm on a Sunday evening.

Segment’s from Oliver’s show are worldwide internet hits as well on their own. They average millions of views on YouTube as soon as they are posted immediately following airing on television.

It doesn’t seem like Oliver and his weekly commentary will be headed anywhere just yet especially if he continues to out perform HBO veterans.

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