A Man 3D Printed His Own Castle Because Why Not?

By on September 20, 2014


If you can’t build your own castle, we are now in the age where you can just 3D print one, apparently. An architect in Minnesota recently 3D printed his own castle in a process that took place in just under 3 months.

According to the website 3DPrint.com, the architect, Andy Rudenko, wanted to see if he could improve upon or at least go beyond the currently used process of laying block after block of concrete. He said,

“When I started out, people struggled to believe this project would progress any further.”

The structure is about 7 feet tall so not as tall as an actual castle but tall enough for the average person to walk around inside of which is still pretty amazing.

We don’t know just what kind of 3D printer he used but what we do know is that it was capable of extruding layer upon layer of smooth concrete.

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